We PLAY AROUND at the intersection of INNOVATION, STRATEGY and DESIGN, to co-create success and give clients, be it a startup, a growing organization or an established business, a COMPETITIVE advantage as they undertake transformation to the FUTURE.


Tapping into knowledge and intellect of customers, employees, suppliers and/or the world at large develop better products, better services. And to us Innovation is not just about Technology. Its all about rethinking business.

We celebrate Innovation by prioritizing your future vision, uncovering opportunities to build the revenue growth and speeding up commercialization.


Problems occur all the time - be it an ailing, mature or fast growth business. Over a period of time business owners and leaders become expert problem solvers. The tough problem for them are - uncertainty and consequences. 

The roots of our approach can be traced to insights, future thinking and strategic direction. And to us Strategy is more about decisions and your options.


We love working with Businesses in addressing their complex and uncertain challenges. We co-created success and launched 25+ organizations.

From Venture Incubation to Business Acceleration and  Operational to Organizational Shift Change, name it we co-create for you. We theme base (like Digital Business, IP Advisory, Family Business, Future of X etc.) and deliver our consulting services.


Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Vindhya C4, IIIT-H Campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 32


M: +91 986.655.4413

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