Market Innovation


Is my Product ahead of its time?

We have exhausted all market opportunities. What next?

Should I scale down my aspirations and wait for the market to mature?

If you believe that market opportunity for your product is diminishing, CoCreation can help innovate your market.

We help businesses explore new markets for their products / services to reset your sails for a new journey.

What to expect?

Identifying and exploring new markets for your offerings.

Recommendations for innovation needed to address the new markets.

Redefining positioning, messaging and marketing aspects needed to succeed in the new markets.

CoCreation Market Innovation Process

Phase 1

Understanding your market as it is now

Our consultants will spend time with you to document your business—what worked in existing markets and what needs refinement, thus establishing a foundation to build your plans on. We understand the capabilities of the product to classify them on value.

Phase 2

Identifying unseen opportunities in the existing market

We will work with you to develop a deeper understanding of market dynamics, customer maturity, competitive and regulatory influences, along with geographical, cultural and economic factors. This way, we’ll identify opportunities in your current market, that may have been missed.

Phase 3

Identifying new markets for products/services/capabilities

We will help you explore opportunities in new markets—across customer groups, location, price points, delivery mechanisms etc. We will also make recommendations for what innovation is required to succeed in that market.

Phase 4

Creating a strategy for the new market

To explore new markets, we help you re-align your product across product strategy, brand strategy and go-to-market strategy.

Phase 5

Execution & Metrics

Building an execution charter with key metrics and guide you in rolling out