Innovation Program Design


Open Innovation or Corporate Accelerator

Organization Wide or Function bound

Independent or Integrated

Small Increments or Disruptive New

If your innovation program is being ineffective, CoCreation will help you transform it.

We help you design your goal-driven and outcome-oriented corporate innovation program.

What to expect?

A strategic innovation program that is customised to your organization—your vision, goals, needs and maturity.

An outcome-oriented innovation agenda geared for success.

An innovation roadmap with a clear vision of the future.

CoCreation Innovation Program Design Process

Phase 1

Building Your Unique Innovation Strategy

Our innovation strategy blueprint will help define your vision, which will set the direction of your strategy; and outcome-oriented objectives, which will set accountability for execution.

Phase 2

Choosing your Innovation Program Model

Based on the industry, maturity of the innovation ecosystem, culture of innovation in your enterprise, depth of domain understanding and your sphere of impact, you will need a model that’s unique to you. Our tested frameworks like the innovation readiness audit will help you choose the right innovation program model.

Phase 3

Identify Capability Gaps

Our consultants will use the corporate innovation genome map to identify gaps in innovation capabilities in each function or across the enterprise. This could throw light on more complex needs: For example, in a tech company, the development teams might require greater customer empathy, while the sales teams might need more technology understanding.

Phase 4

Design Your Innovation Culture

The genome map also helps us look beyond skills and capabilities, deeper into the innovation culture of the organization—from activities-based to outcome-oriented. It helps identify, deploy and nurture habits that enables outcomes, building enterprise-wide creative confidence and the mindset that makes things happen.