Innovation Integration

Bring Innovation Closer.

Why aren't innovation initiatives delivering organizational outcomes?

How do I enable a clean hand-off of innovation initiatives to my enterprise?

How do I break Innovation Silos?

If innovation feels distant from your core enterprise, CoCreation can help you integrate it seamlessly.

We create your innovation integration strategy to ensure your innovation is in line with your larger enterprise.

What to expect?

Higher context integration of innovation initiatives with your organization.

Innovation integration strategy focused on positive outcomes to your organization as a whole.

Accelerate Innovation Integration.

CoCreation Innovation Integration Process

Phase 1

Creating on Innovation Strategy

Our consultants will understand your enterprise, market opportunity, innovation maturity, along with your vision, ambition and expectations from your innovation initiative to build your innovation strategy blueprint.

Phase 2

Identifying Integration Opportunities

We will create a 360-degree integration opportunity map to give you a clear view of how and where your innovation initiative integrates with your enterprise. We will also help build creative confidence in the integration areas.

Phase 3

Accelerating Integration

We will build an acceleration framework that also outlines the needs of your enterprise to achieve integrated innovation maturity.

Phase 4

Enabling Innovation Adaption

Our consultants will use the highly-regarded innovation adoption framework to guide you to build an integration innovation program that achieves your innovation goals, while scaling successes within your larger enterprise.