Idea validation


Is my idea good?

Will it solve a real-world problem?

Is there a market?

Will a customer willing to pay for it?

If you are worried about the business viability of your idea, CoCreation helps validate it.

We help enthusiastic entrepreneurs validate their idea, minimize risks and unlock its business potential.

What to expect?

Business Viability

Customer Desirability

Revenue Potential

CoCreation Idea Validation Discovery Sessions

Phase 1

Business Validation

Our consultants will work with you closely to understand your business idea and your vision for it..

Phase 2

Business Maturity Assessment

Based on your responses to the quiz, we will assess your idea across the following dimensions:

  • Idea to Value: Will the idea deliver enough value to potential customers?
  • Idea to Product: Will the idea convert into an understandable and usable product?
  • Idea to Market: Is there a market for the idea?
  • Idea to Growth: Is the opportunity big enough for the business to grow?
  • Idea to Scale: Is there a long-term market that can sustain scale?
  • Idea to Investment: Is the opportunity attractive for investors?

Phase 3

Goal Setting & Action Plan

We will make specific recommendations that will help turn your idea into a successful business at scale. This typically includes definition of the minimum viable product (MVP), go-to-market strategy, growth strategy, product-market fit, customer acquisition strategy, investment readiness etc.