Growth Strategy


How do I take my product to next level?

My existing customers love my product. How do I get more customers at speed?

How do I retain and engage my existing customers in the next phase?

If you are an established startup looking to take your business successfully at scale, CoCreation will help you.

We help startups and small businesses achieve success at scale with our goal-driven, outcome-oriented approach to business growth.

What to expect?

Deeper customer understanding and corresponding pivot in sales / marketing strategy.

Revenue growth and revenue management plans.

Business architecture transformation geared for growth.

CoCreation Growth Strategy Process

Phase 1

Understanding your current success DNA

Our consultants will work with you to understand what led to your current successes—across customer identification, lead management, pitch and acquisition.

Phase 2

Identifying new market and growth opportunities

The market at launch is often not the market for scale. We will help you rethink your customer segments, market, market share acquisition, pricing and internal processes, from the point-of-view of scale.

Phase 3

Build a strategy and framework to growth

​We, at CoCreation, excel in finding product capabilities and micro-services that customers are willing to pay more for. We help you find higher paying customers by addressing their extreme usage needs, creating market opportunities that have higher scale opportunities, and design / redesign service delivery models.

  • We’ll identify the motivations of your new group of customers who will buy from you at the scale stage of your business.
  • We’ll map value proposition to the motivations of your new customers.
  • We’ll redesign pricing strategy based on learnings from the launch phase.
  • We begin strategy building with an effective activation, on-boarding and service delivery process.
  • We’ll build customised customer retention and service delivery strategies to engage existing customers more meaningfully.
  • We’ll build revenue growth and management plans, creating additional revenue streams from initial customers.

Phase 4

Creating a governance framework to help monitor and manage outcomes

At CoCreation, we believe that all business initiatives need to be goal-oriented and outcome-driven to achieve success. As part of growth strategy consulting, we will also build metrics and governance systems to keep you going in the right direction.