Go-to-market Strategy


We know our product is right for the market, but how do we it take it there?

What Sales Strategy Should we adapt?

How do we do marketing?

If you’re looking to take your product to your customer profitably, CoCreation will help with that.

We help businesses build a goal-driven, outcome-oriented go-to-market strategy, designed to drive sustainable growth.

What to expect?

A clear and actionable roadmap for taking your product to market.

A Marketing Playbook outlining Positioning Discovery, Price and tactics for the right market

Sales and distribution model, choosing the right methods for your business.

CoCreation Go-To-Market Strategy Process

Phase 1

Clarifying the landscape

We will begin by bringing together all aspects that might impact your business success—your customer, their problem statement, solution, market development, demand generation, market acquisition etc.

Phase 2

Customer Personas and buying journey

We will build customer personas and explore how they influence the purchase decisions—for instance, if the decision-maker is different from the buyer/user, we’ll help you find ways to address them all.

Phase 3

Leveraging the urgency wave

​We will explore the questions: Who cares and why now! We will establish the timeliness of your products’ market entry and build an attractive business case for it.

Phase 4

Price and Positioning for the chosen market segment

We will position your business comfortably across the price-value matrix, based on internal considerations such as your current state and pricing objectives, as well as market considerations such as the competition landscape and market maturity.

Phase 5

Sales and Distribution Model

Based on your unique needs, we’ll build a customised model for your business which addresses what sells in your market, how to sell it and through which sales model depending on your product, market and business type (B2B / B2C).

Phase 5

Sales and Marketing Playbook

We will help with your positioning, messaging and make recommendations for the right tactics for various stages of your sales funnel. We will also help build metrics and systems for measuring marketing outcomes.