Customer Acquisition


How do I know who is the right customer?

How do I build a sustainable funnel of idea customers?

How do I increase wallet of share with my existing customers?


If you are looking to build a sustainable and cost-effective customer acquisition strategy, CoCreation can help.

We help businesses define, implement and build long term internal capability in customer acquisition.

What to expect?

Customer Acquisition Strategy and Execution Plan

Consulting and Partnership in implementing this strategy

Metrics and systems to measure success.

CoCreation Customer Acquisition Process.

Phase 01

Defining Ideal Customer Profile

Our consultants will help profile the ideal customer for your business—demographics, psychographics, behavioural traits etc. We will also help you understand their pain points, needs and potential solutions.

Phase 02

Market Development

We help you develop your addressable market through thorough market research. We will gauge market maturity—how ready is the market?; product adoption—are customers using these products?; brand alternatives—who are the competitors?; and competitive positioning—how are we different from competition?

Phase 03

Customer Development

Unlike the product development belief that ‘if we built it, customer will come’, CoCreation helps startups build a customer-centric approach to business. We bring the four-step customer development model—customer discovery, validation, creation and company building—to identify and nurture customers.

Phase 04

Demand Generation

We will help build awareness and interest in your market through targeted scientific demand generation initiatives

Phase 05

Customer Acquisition

As an extension of the demand generation initiatives, we will define your customer acquisition strategy and work closely consulting with you on the execution, measurement and optimization.