Corporate Accelerators


Is Corporate Accelerator right for us?

How long should we incubate projects?

What Industry should we focus on?

How to build accelerator the right way?

If you’re aspiring to set up your own corporate innovation accelerator, CoCreation will help you do it right.

​We help take your corporate accelerator beyond just incubation towards a goal-driven, outcome-oriented strategic initiative.

What to expect?

An unambiguous and actionable vision for your corporate accelerator.

Outcome-oriented accelerator design focused on continuous experimentation and learning.

Success metrics.

CoCreation Corporate Accelerator Design Process

Phase 1

Create a vision

We will consider a wide variety of factors such as the maturity of your enterprise’s innovation culture, vision for the innovation initiative, capabilities and skills etc., to build a corporate accelerator vision with clearly defined expected outcomes.

Phase 2

Tune acceleration to maturity of innovation programs

Our consultants will help tune the nature, ambition and speed of your innovation initiative to your organizational innovation maturity to ensure clarified outcomes.

Phase 3

Enable integrated acceleration into corporate accelerators

Our consultants will make sure your corporate accelerator is in line with your enterprise’s larger strategic goals, using our innovation acceleration and integrated innovation frameworks.

Phase 4

Design a governance framework

At every stage, we work towards building innovation that is goal-driven and outcome-oriented. This holds true for the corporate accelerator as well—we will define metrics and performance indicators to enable measurable outcomes.