Innovation Readiness

Know where you are and map where you want to go.

If you don’t know where to start your innovation endeavour, CoCreation will help you.

We assess your enterprise to gauge your readiness for a goal-driven, outcome-oriented strategic innovation program.



A clear understanding of your innovation readiness.


Identifying strengths that’ll power your goals and gaps you need to fill.


Possible approaches to building outcome-oriented innovation.

COCREATION Innovation Readiness PROCESS

Phase 1: Innovation Readiness
Phase 2: Understanding your as-is state
Phase 3: Goal Setting & Action Plan
Using the innovation genome map, we will make recommendations that will ensure that your innovation initiatives are geared towards success—that is they are goal-driven and outcome-oriented.
This can take many forms:
  • You can use the audit insights to create innovation vision, strategy and execution model best suited for your company.
  • You can also use it to identify gaps that you need to fix.
  • An innovation program design consultant can design a unique innovation program for your enterprise.
  • You can identify the starting point for innovation in your enterprise as well as the best model for your situation.
  • Innovation Readiness also identifies potential challenges in your innovation agenda and helps create change management priorities across organization.