Business Model Innovation


How to deliver more value to the customer without loosing profit margin?

How to make Product Innovation profitable?

How do I differentiate my business effectively?

If you are looking to deliver high value at marginal costs, CoCreation can build the right business model for you.

We help businesses innovate business model towards achieving higher financial viability, by realizing new revenue models and delivery methods.

What to expect?

New business models to achieve the potential of your business.

Plan to deliver higher value at higher profitability.

Governance and metrics to measure success.

CoCreation Business Model Innovation Process

Phase 1

Understanding your business model as it is

Our consultants will work with you closely to establish a foundational understanding of your product / service innovation and boundaries of existing market.

Phase 2

Identifying opportunities across business model pillars

We bring the value delivery framework to design the right operating model and profit-optimized monetization strategy to build a sustainable business model for you. We innovate at each of these pillars to find the right combination that will increase the likelihood of success.

Phase 3

Enabling higher value at higher profitability

Our consultants will design a business model that enables you to deliver higher value to your customers at a lower cost. We will make recommendations across product innovation, sales and marketing strategy and delivery optimization aspects to enable your new business model.

Phase 4

Managing and governing the execution process

Driven by our obsession to be goal-driven and outcome-oriented, we also include an actionable execution plan and measurable success metrics as part of our business model innovation initiatives.