Accelerators & Incubators


What's the best way to build an Innovation Program?

Should I choose Accelerators or Incubators?

If you are looking for ways to imbibe a sense of innovation and creativity in your business, CoCreation can help.

We help enterprises and institutions encourage innovation by helping them set up successful goal-driven, outcome-oriented incubators / accelerators

What to expect?

Innovation strategy & Incubator / accelerator design

Metrics and governance frameworks

Meaningful partnerships

CoCreation Accelerator/Incubator Process.

Possibility 01

Designing Incubator/Accelerator

We help design your incubator / accelerator and build differentiation through customized strategy, process and commercialization models. We bring a strategy implementation framework, service design playbook to ensure your vision can be put to practice. We also define metrics and governance frameworks to ensure ongoing measurement and recalibration.

At this stage, we can exit the engagement, leaving your teams to manage the accelerator / incubator.

Possibility 02

Managing your Incubator/Accelerator

We consult with incubators / accelerators in executing their innovation strategy and managing cohorts. We also help augment capabilities and resources (as needed), and conduct monthly performance reviews and cadence meetings for timely course correction.

Possibility 03

Excellence through Collaborations

As a dynamic and active member of the innovation community, we make connections to build meaningful corporate partnerships for our customers. We take internal ideas towards commercialization, run corporate innovation initiatives, and support in investment readiness.