Where Innovation meets good business sense.


At CoCreation, we believe that innovation is most valuable when it can solve real-world challenges for real people. Which is why, we encourage innovation to be goal-driven and outcome oriented.

​Since our inception in early 2015, we have worked with leading enterprises and startups alike.

We have found success and respect in our market for one reason: Our practitioner approach. Which means, we don’t just come to you with advise on how to make things work. We come to you with the tools, frameworks and a hands-on approach to support you through your journey to success.

Unlike a typical consulting company, we believe CoCreation is the best form of engagement. We endeavour to bring together the best of you and us to CoCreate high-value outcomes that fits the need as well as help customers repeat the success independently.

We have CoCreated with


Ravi Sekhar

Ravi is a co-founder of CoCreation, leading growth / scale initiatives here. Every day, at CoCreation, he is determined to make the world a better place by working with motivated, passionate people, helping them realize their ideas and success.

Before starting CoCreation in 2015, he had over two decades of experience in organizational and operational transformation strategy. His work engagements were in areas of M&A, developing new frameworks for mid-market businesses, managing growth through strategic interventions, enabling shift change to many small and medium businesses.

If you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or an innovation enthusiast, connect with Ravi on LinkedIn.


Sridhar Lanka

Sridhar is the co-founder of CoCreation, leading go-to-market assignments in high tech, SMAC and ecommerce domains.
At CoCreation, he acts as an innovation evangelist, encouraging individuals and organizations to find new ways to solve problems. His core expertise is in idea-to-commercialization.

Before starting CoCreation in 2015, he had spent 20+ years in technology and innovation evangelism across industries. He built product / service innovation, market and customer development strategies, and go-to-market assignments in high tech, SMAC, ecommerce domains across 25+ countries.

If you have an idea you want to take to commercialization, connect with Sridhar on LinkedIn.


Satyanarayana Reddy M

A persevering, optimist and ambitious management graduate with 3 years of experience working for or enabling Emerging Tech, Healthcare, IoT, Smart Cities, FinTech, Consumer Products with the passion and desire to continuously learn and create valuable impact.

Currently working in the capacity of Sr. Innovation Consultant and an evangelist to market innovative solutions catering to the needs of clients across various industries with a dedicated focus to achieve goals.